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Our Mission

“There is a fat chance that deficiency in transparency will lead to distrust among my customers, and if my customer doesn’t have faith in me and my brand, then that isn’t the kind of company I want to own at any point of time.”
- Mr Rajesh Goyal (Managing Director, RG Group)

Since its inception, RG Group has managed to instil immense belief in its clients. After successfully delivering 16 real estate projects in all their glory, RG Group is proud to declare that every dealing that it has had with the customer has always been unadulterated, with no hidden costs in the process. We have an eye for detailing, whether it is in terms of construction quality or the way our management is trained to serve you. Our mantra is complete honesty, and we have sworn to chant it till the very end of time itself.

Some of Our Projects

RG Residency

Sector-120, Noida

RG Luxury Homes

Sector-16B, Greater Noida (West)

RG Trade Tower

Pirampura, Delhi

RG Square

RG Residency, Sector-120, Noida

RG Mall

Sector-9, Rohini, Delhi



Our Footprint

The Group has already delivered 14 commercial and retail projects at various prime locations across Delhi since its inception. It launched 2 marquee residential projects in year 2009-2010 and introduced the first landscaped podium concept in Noida & Greater Noida. Today, the Group has more than 10 million sq. ft. of built up area under construction and is a rapidly growing group with several offerings lined up in future.

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Happy Customers

Our Offerings

Client’s Testimonial

Our customers are our clients. As a renowned Real Estate Developer, RG Group interacts with several B-to-B and B-to-C segments. However, we are driven only and only by a customer centric approach. For us, our residents and our customers are our biggest clients - for, if they are happy, the entire team of RG group is happy. We work to make them happy – and this is a driving force of all RGions.

Miss Shikha Sharma

RG Residency
RG Residency is a group housing society in central Noida, Sector 120, with its modernised infrastructure, which hasn’t compromised with the fact that the residents living here share a sentiment of brotherhood. Nothing gives RG Group more joy than watching people like Shikha Sharma thrive in such an amicable, secure environment. Watch Shikha Sharma, a resident of RG Residency, express her happiness about her wonderful life at RG Residency.

Mrs. & Mr. Shalini & Tarun Kumar Vaid

RG Residency
What does true contentment mean? For people like Shalini and Tarun Kumar Vaid, the bliss of life is all about a spacious, ventilated home, with an added advantage of living amongst people who are like family. Located in central Noida, Sector 120, a home at RG Residency is exactly what this happily married couple has ever dreamt of. RG Group fulfilled this residential project in the year 2015, and now, we have got more than 1000 families living here, who believe that happiness has finally come home. Watch Mrs Shalini and Mr Tarun Kumar Vaid talk about their life at RG Residency, Sector 120, Noida.

Mr. Praveen Khandelwal

RG Residency
Settled away from the boisterous Delhi life, the residents of RG Residency, Sector 120, Noida are living a life of peace and quiet, at the same time as conducting themselves in a community that is the very definition of harmonious. This group housing society built by RG Group in the year 2015, is much more than a lush landscaped podium; it signifies the joy of those people who have continued to put their trust in us, and never been disappointed. Watch what Mr Praveen Khandelwal has to say about his life at RG Residency!

Mrs. & Mr. Nidhi & Amit Verma

RG Residency
Who doesn’t want a home with an upgraded security system, and all the space in the world for your walks of reverie and serenity? RG Residency, a group housing society located in central Noida, sector 120, offers to its residents a life of tranquillity, considering that they live in a friendly neighbourhood at the same time as away from the deafening rat-race of Delhi. RG Group has not only managed to build a harmonised residential project but has also instilled a sentiment of faith in the hearts of the people living at this place. Watch Nidhi and Amit Verma talk about their Life at RG Residency!

Mr. B L Sharma

RG Residency
RG Group successfully launched a beautiful landscaped residential podium concept, the first of its kind, in the year 2015. Since then, people like Mr B.L. Sharma have been flourishing in RG Residency, Sector 120, Noida, and doling out the benefits of a spacious, super-ventilated group housing society. Watch B.L. Sharma talk about his prosperous life at RG Residency, where happiness blossoms like flowers during springtime.

Company Updates

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